Sunday, July 12, 2009

Knitted Toy Prince and Princess Mouse Set


I had so much fun knitting the king and queen mouse, I wanted to add to the series with a prince and his princess. This is sold as a set.

Prince and Princess Mouse stand 7 inches tall and their features are hand embroidered. The crown and headpiece are attached.

Because of the details and silver ribbon used for the crown and sword and, these toys are not suitable for under the age of 5.

Hand wash and allow to air dry.

SPECIAL OFFER: If you would like to have all 4 pieces, the king, queen, prince and princess, the cost would be US $40.00 for all 4. I will reimburse you the US $10.00 back into your Paypal account. You will also not have to pay for shipping and handling on the second set. IMG_3326

sold on artfire and etsy

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