Sunday, February 12, 2012

Set of Two Bunny Egg Cozies

Take your buffet table to the next level by adding these adorable bunny egg cozies to cover soft or hard-boiled eggs. They also make unique decorations and can be added to your spring decoration. I like to use them to cover plastic eggs that are filled with special treats; perfect for the kiddie table or Easter basket, The cozies can double as take-home favors for friends.

The cozies measure about 3 inches tall and come in a set of two. Please let me know which set you would like from the stock listed below:

In stock
Pink Bunny Cozies
Purple Bunny Cozies
Angel Bunny cozies with adorable wings

Also available for future fun: Santa Bunny Cozies

The eggcups are not included and used as props for demonstration.

The egg cozies have been hand crocheted using a pattern I created.

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