Thursday, December 17, 2009

Hot Chocolate Cones

Each year I try and make a small gift for each member of the family. My dad has a family get-together on Christmas morning and I always try and give something to everyone- not a small feat- our number to date is 45 and still adding!

Last year everyone received a tiny knitted stocking for the tree with a candy cane inside. The year before I made a train with lifesavers and other kinds of candy.

This year I was making samll knitted ornament balls, but I think I will run out of time before making all of them.

Sooooooo- I have decided to make Hot Chocolate cones. Tonight I went shopping for the ingredients...OH MY!!! I have decided that next year, I'll give everyone a wrapped 10 dollar bill!!! Stay tuned.

If you want the recipe:

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