Friday, September 11, 2009

You will always be remembered: 9/11 and everyday

Something different today.

Eight years ago on this day I was in a meeting when it happened. I will never forget how beautiful the day was with crystal blue skies, bright sunshine and warm weather. I was a principal of an elementary school and a brand new grandma. Terror seized me as I went out and gathered the children off the playground and walked through the school informing the teachers of the horror and our Governor's edict to close the schools early. I was thinking of all my children at school and 1 very small 9-month-old baby, my new grandson.

I visited every classroom to talk to the children to tell them they were going home early. They were cheering and I started to cry. They stopped and knew something was very wrong. I told them that they were safe, but that something had happened in New York and the Governor wanted everyone to be with their families.

That night, my whole family came together in our small living room. We did not watch television, but made dinner together and talked...talked.....talked.

The next day, I went again and visited every classroom to talk to them about what had happened. Studies were set aside that day as we got out our crayons, paper and drew American flags to decorate the windows and the hallways. Art therapy was very important in helping all of us cope with the unimaginable. I consoled teachers, children and not surprisingly, we circled the wagons and became a family- a special bond was created out of horror.

Each night for several months, I made crocheted red, white and blue bears that were sent to the children that lost a parent. I made over 200 bears- certainly not enough, but every bear was made with special prayer and helped me to heal.

Thank you for the sacrifice that was made 8 years ago by so many people. My prayers are with the families who lost loved ones on that horrible day. I will always remember the bravery shown by a plane full of people that decided their fate was going to be different then what terrorists had planned. You will always be remembered.

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