Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Crocheted Giggle Bears

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Many years ago, I made these crocheted bears for my son. They would always make him giggle, hence the name- Giggle Bear. He was never without one of his giggle bears and they kept him company on those long nights when he transferred over to his “Big Boy” bed.

I revised the pattern to make the giggle bears bigger and now I can take advantage of the colorful yarns that are available today. As I was making them, I kept smiling thinking of those fond memories when he was a baby and a little boy.

The bears stand about10 inches tall. The features are hand embroidered so there are no loose parts. Remove the crocheted tie if given to a child under the age of 5. The bears are tightly crocheted and the arms are very tightly sewn on. They can be machined wash in cool water and allow to air dry.

For every giggle bear purchased, I send its twin to my favorite charity: Don't Be Afraid; I am Here Bears. Please check out this wonderful cause at:


So far 16 bears have been donated with another 7 bears ready to go!

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